Tumble & Hide

Lichfield is a family run business who manufacture and supply high quality handcrafted leather goods by using over 40 years of knowledge, technique and experience. Lichfield have launched several successful brands such as 1642, Yoshi, Tumble & Hide and Safari. Tumble & Hide was conceived to bring the best of British design together with the fine traditions of Italian craftsmanship. Designed in the UK in a range of timeless styles, Tumble & Hide's bags, wallets and purses stand out for their superb quality and iconic styling. These designs are made from the finest Italian leather, sourced from Santa Croce, Florence and crafted using the old-school secrets of Italian artisans such as 'tumbling' to bring out the natural patina and supple feel of the leather. Skilfully cut and sewn by hand, each Tumble & Hide design is a unique accessory that will age beautifully with use.
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