Caran d'Ache 849 Tropical ball pen - Special Edition

Cobalt - Turquoise
Leaf - Fuschia
Midnight - Sapphire
Pastel Blue - Lemon

Think Paradise. Think Caran d'Ache 849 Tropical. Made in Geneve, Switzerland. The instantly recognisable hexagonal shape and the ultra-comfortable grip of an iconic 849 is now available in 5 exotic blended shades;  Carmine Red/tangerine Orange; Cobalt Blue/Turquoise Blue; Leaf Green/Fushia Pink; Midnight Blue/Sapphire Blue and finally Pastel Blue/Lemon Yellow.  Something special for every moment.

  • 2 colour hexagonal aluminium barrel
  • Bush button mechanism
  • Chrome plated push button and clip
  • Goliath refill - supplied with blue medium
  • Refillable


The robustness, the flexible clip and the user-friendliness of the push-button make the 849 a trusty everyday companion that is both modern and fun, thanks to the many different styles in which it comes.  Pure, rich colours, along with the fluos and metalx, entirely cover the bodies of the ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, accentuating a classical look of a pop art spirit.  Caran d’Ache sometimes gives well-known designers free rein to put their very own creative stamp on the legendary 849.

The exceptional performance of the Goliath cartridge, capable of writing up to 600 flawless A4 pages, complements the timeless design of the 849.


849 pens are designed and manufactured in the Caran d’Ache workshops with the greatest care and in line with the standards of the Swiss Made label. They are perfectly suited to personalisation and may thus feature different colours or graphic designs as desired, in line with the communication requirements of companies and organisations. The ultra-thin and light metal case rounds off the designer look of these models and may also be customised at will.

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