Caran d'Ache Desk Top Pencil Sharpener - Plastic

A handy sized, durable pencil sharpener available in black, blue or red, plastic body, known as the 'The Pencil Sharpening Machine'. Although designed for clamped desk top use, this sharpener works just as well loose on a desk, aided by a protective rubber base pad for extra grip. Fits all types of standard 8mm pencils (round, hexagonal and triangular) and produces clean, sharp points effortlessly time and time again.

  • Includes desk top clamp
  • Made from durable moulded plastic
  • Hand-cranked mechanism
  • Worm gear sharpening mechanism
  • Transparent shavings drawer
  • Protective rubber base for grip
  • Auto pencil stop
  • Adjustable chuck for pencils with diameter of 4 to 8 mm
  • Dimensions: h110 x w57 x d110 mm
  • 100% Swiss made quality

Available in black, blue, red.

Also available: Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Desk Top Pencil Sharpener - Metal

About Caran d'Ache

Founded in Geneva in 1924 and remains Switzerland's only manufacturer of writing instruments, Caran d'Ache have asserted themselves as one of the most dynamic and competent stationery manufacturers in the world (including their lifestyle accessory range) with guaranteed 100% Swiss made quality. Best known for their range of energetic colouring pencils (encased in solid tins depicting a beautiful Swiss Alpine landscape), they also know how to craft impeccable writing instruments as well, decorated in a vast aray of charismatic colour promising a pen true to the individual.

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