Caran d'Ache Swisscolour Colouring Pencils (18)

With the smart, soft lead these water-soluble colouring pencils prove difficult to break and easy to use whilst retaining the precision and colour quality embodied by Caran d'Ache. The Swisscolour range is perfectly colour-matched with the Pablo water-resistant range so the two pencil types can be used in conjunction with one another, the water-resistant pencils well suited for details.

  • Soft, water-soluble lead (3.8 mm)
  • Break resistant
  • Cedar wood casing (FSC certified)
  • Excellent light resistance
  • 100% Swiss Made quality

Available in sets of 12, 18, 30.

About Caran d'Ache
Founded in Geneva in 1924 and remaining Switzerland's only manufacturer of writing instruments, Caran d'Ache have asserted themselves as one of the most dynamic and competent stationery manufacturers in the world (including their lifestyle accessory range) with guaranteed 100% Swiss made quality. Best known for their range of energetic colouring pencils (encased in solid tins depicting a beautiful Swiss Alpine landscape), they also know how to craft impeccable writing instruments as well - decorated in a vast array of charismatic colour promising a pen true to the individual.

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