Kaweco FROSTED Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco's latest series is characterized by the slightly opaque, milky plastic and the pastel colours. The icy, fresh look of the material, which gives an idea of ​​the inner workings, is combined with silver elements and an absolute must-have for the summer.
Light colours and fresh names underline the summer feeling.

The fountain pens of the series are customized with your desired nib. All springs are made in Germany. There are five nib sizes to choose from: EF - extra fine, for very small and fine handwriting, F - fine, M - medium, B as a slightly wider nib or BB, which is particularly suitable for large, dramatic signatures. We recommend the nib size M for beginners. In addition to the fountain pen, the series is also available as a gel roller, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and clutch pencil.

Frosted Sport series writing instruments are produced and assembled in Germany and are a real quality product.

  • Slightly opaque, sturdy plastic parts
  • Sturdy twist-action cap and barrel fixture
  • Pocket size when capped (10.5 cm), full size when posted (13.5 cm)
  • Steel nib and iridium tip for standard ink cartridges
  • Supplied with medium sized nib
  • Supplied with 1 x ink cartridge

NB: Other nib sizes available on request.
Other colour variants available on request.


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