LAMY Safari Fountain Pen - All Black SPECIAL EDITION


    The LAMY Safari 2018 Special Edition fountain pen finished in 'All Black' with black barrel, black cap, black clip and black nib is now in-stock

    Lamy Safari known for its simple function, timeless design and perfect ergonomics; these are just some of the reasons that the LAMY Safari is one of the most popular writing instruments for young people" and a LAMY top seller. A distinctive, recessed grip section puts emphasis on comfort and precision. Though similar to its sister the LAMY AL-Star which boasts a transparent grip section and aluminium construction, the Safari demonstrates solid, sturdy plastic body and cap being both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Like all LAMY products, a wide range of colours (and nib variants) ensures a pen unique and personal purchase to you or as a gift.

    Also available in Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Bright Green, White, Umbra and Vista (clear).

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