Lamy Vista


Lamy Vista, is the translucent model of the popular Safari range, allowing a clear view of all the inner workings.  The Lamy Vista range includes fountain pen (available in EF, F, M, B and LH), Rollerball, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil.  

Vista demonstrates solid, sturdy ABS plastic barrel and cap, being both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Design by Wolfgang Fabian

  • Light weight ABS plastic barrel and cap
  • Polished metal nib and metal clip
  • Ergonomic plastic grip section
  • Can be used with the LAMY Z 28 converter
  • Supplied with polished steel nib (available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad, left-handed)
  • Supplied with 1 x LAMY T 10 giant ink cartridge
  • Additional LAMY T 10 giant ink cartridges available in black, blue-black (navy), washable blue (royal blue), turquoise, purple, red, green and special edition bright green, orange and pink

Available as, Lamy Safari in all modes in:  Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Bright Green and White.

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