Pelikan Classic M205 DUO Highlighter Fountain Pen Ink - 30ml


This fluorescent highlighter ink in a 30ml bottle is intended for the use with the Special Edition, Classic M205 DUO Highlighter fountain pen to which it is colour co-ordinated with. The innovative highlighter / fountain pen enables you to highlight text passages and make important notes at the same time. This bright, beautiful ink is finely tuned to meet the requirements of the fountain pen's technical components.

  • Water-based ink
  • Produces clear line definition
  • Protects fountain pen and nib
  • Bright, fluorescent colour
  • Easy-drain bottle (designed to minimise wastage of ink)

Available in green and yellow.

NB: This ink is intended for the use with the Pelikan Classic M205 DUO Highlighter Fountain Pen only and should not be used in other fountain pens.

About Pelikan
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