Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen

The Pilot Falcon nib allows variable line widths by applying more or less pressure as you write -  perfect for modern calligraphy and flourish writing. 

The Pilot FALCON fountain pen's prime feature is it's flexible nib, which easily adapts to angle and pressure so that each stroke flows smoothly and easily. The Falcon is especially well-suited to thick and thin lines of cursive writing and lends a distinct personality to your writing. The Falcon was developed by Pilot in the 1970's, in collaboration between Pilot and the Zenkoko Mannenhitsu Senmontenkai association of fountain pen enthusiasts, with a nib designed to meet their flexibility requirements and a feed engineered to provide optimal performance. The well balanced body is made with steel and is coated with an iridescent lacquer. The nib is rhodium-plated 14 carat gold, and using the supplied converter the pen works especially well with Pilot Iroshizuku inks to provide stunningly beautiful writing.


  • S-M 14kt gold nib - flexible to allow expressive handwriting, ideal for creating thick and thin cursive writing
  • Steel body with black iridescent lacquer coating
  • Chrome plated appointments
  • Includes converter and 1 x  ink cartridge
  • Refillable using standard ink cartridge Pilot IC-50 or bottled ink
  • supplied in Pilot gift box

Penfax recommend Pilot Iroshizuku Ink for Pilot fountain pens.

About Pilot

For 90 years, PILOT has been synonymous with the provision of new writing solutions.

By listening to their customers, Pilot research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and ingenuity, through the launch of liquid ink rollerballs, gel ink and more recently FriXion, the thermosensitive ink rollerball, which has taken the world by storm.

Pilot have achieve the title of “ the world’s number 2 brand in writing instruments”*. Today, they are committed to meeting the major challenges of this new millennium, including protecting the environment, and continue to innovate to improve the quality and comfort of Pilot products even further.

Quote: Pilot Pen Official website.


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