Welcome to the Lamy x NeoLab Digital Age...

February 18, 2022

Welcome to the Lamy x NeoLab Digital Age...

Lamy x NeoLab has taken all the classic design features of the Safari and brought it into the 21st Century.

Graphic designers, office workers, bullet journalists and tech enthusiasts - you might want to take a closer look at this one!

When Andrew told me we were getting a new digital pen, I think my face said it all... I was intrigued but sceptical. After all, aren't we in the business of ink and nibs...

The sleek black boxes arrived today and deciding we could leave the new toy alone, we simply opened the display box and put into the window.

We then talked to a few customers about it...

Long story short, the NeoStudio app is now installed on both our phones and we've been sending notes to friends and family all day - having tremendous fun, I might add.  

I think the most surprising part for us all in the shop was how simple it was to start writing - download the app, connect the pen via Bluetooth and you're all set. 

It's seriously cool, but it's cool in a useful way. Far from feeling like a gimmick to be used for a few days, Lamy have really thought this through. One full battery charge last for 11 hours of writing, and the mini USB charge port is discretely tucked into the base of the pen. 

We've had all sorts of fun writing in different thicknesses designed to mimic nib changes without the hassle, changing the ink colours that appear on the digital page and lassoing words and drawings to love around the page.

For anyone technical, the nib holds an optoelectronic sensor that reads the ncode pattern as you write on the notebook pages. Each notebook has 192 pages as well, so it doesn't need replacing constantly. This is an investment, like any beautiful writing instrument should be. 

Notes and graphics can be filed away in your device, shared to anyone via Bluetooth, text or email as well as saved in the app under hashtags for ease. You can even make GIF animations using your doodles... 

This is perhaps a great way for both the traditional pen lover and the new generation to come together and appreciate the leaps and bounds that technology has taken. You can also use it as a regular pen on any notepad, so it still feels conventional.

My scepticism is long gone and I'm enjoying the feel of making my notes in a regular way but having the complete ease of them being available to me  anywhere, 24/7.

No need to dig out my notebook to find that scribble reminder I made for myself, it's on my phone waiting for me. 

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