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Penfax was established over 5 years ago, as a ‘writing emporium’ by Andrew to pull together an eclectic range of writing instruments and associated accessories, culminating in a mix between ‘stationery heaven’ (#stationeryaddicts know what this is!) and some practical stationery iconic brands. 

The team at Penfax are passionate folk and like (no, love) well-made, well designed, affordable products, hence why they stand by their mission statement. 

Quality. Service. Value. 

Products range from pens to paper and in-house designed stationery to practical stationery too - paper clips and the like. 

They primarily trade from the shop in Hexham, as this is where Andrew has lived for over 50 years, and he likes it, and he wanted to establish bricks before clicks.  Andrew’s also a bit of a traditional shopkeeper.  

Penfax is Andrew’s retail dream, and located along Market Street just off the Market Square, where Andrew’s family have traded for some 165 years in one guise or another, yes, quite a long time.  They weren’t selling bottles of ink and paper, though, but rather bottles of wine and spirits.  Andrew may introduce fortified inks one day, who knows. 

The Magic of Writing has never been greater than it is today, with so much technology engulfing every moment of our precious lives, it's sometimes just nice to sit for a moment. Whether it's to write down your thoughts for the day in your diary or journal or just send a note to a special friend; there’s so much more depth to a handwritten note than just what you say. 

At Penfax the team will help you choose the ‘write’ pen for the ‘write’ occasion.  There are so many ways to write, whether it’s with a fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint pen or pencil there is a pen for your every need.  From vintage pens to high tech pens and modern calligraphy to flourish writing there is always something new to try.  

Penfax also offer a pen repair service, photocopying, printing, binding and corporate gifts service too, whereupon you can order a few with your company logo or brand message included.

Penfax...Step write in  

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