Estabilished in 1888, Parker have over 125 years of experience, potraying quality and detail in any and all of their products. Though the company thrived within it's early years; (recognisible and able to supply soldiers with a Trench Pen in 1914, sales surpassing the $1million mark for the first time in 1918), it wasn't until 1921 with the release of the Duofold that Parker began it's path as one of the most iconic and reliable pen manufactures in the world to this day. The Duofold captured the spirit of the roaring twenties with it's premium large, bold and brightfully coloured design (coining it's name 'Big Red'). Though the Duofold came with a revolutionary plastic finish which when dropped from a plane proved to resist cracking (symbolic due to it's aviation aesthetic inpiration), Parker also offered a 25 year guarantee, estabilishing a Parker pen as a smart investment. Parker continued to inovate and revolutionise writing with 'The Lucky Curve' system that prevented ink leakage as well as the worlds first quick-dry ink. Today Parker portrays luxury and sophisication whilst arguably is the world's most technically advanced, reliable and durable writing manufacturer. Their driving philosophy, (stated by the founder George Safford Parker in 1888) remains the same to this day; 'It will always be possible to make a better pen'.
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