Rhodia since 1934, the "two-pine brand", still stands for longevity, style, emblematic products, and combines heritage with contemporary spirit .

The name, which simply reflects the brand's origin by the Rhone River (the people from this region are known as Rhodanians). The logo, representing two firs linked to each other symbolises the two founding brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac is reported to have been sketched at one stroke by Antonia, the wife of Henri Vérilhac. Even today, this logo embodies the "essence" of the brand to the point that Rhodia is sometimes referred to as the 'brand with the two fir trees'.

timeless style, a design of character, all in purity and always resolutely distinctive.

For 80 years, Rhodia's paper expertise has preserved the excellence and international reputation of Made in France.

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