A History of Writing - talk by Andrew J S Graham

'A History of Writing' takes you back 5500 years, circa 3500BC, to the origins of handwriting from early Sumerian settlements developing cuneiform hieroglyphics to pictograms to Greek alphabet and onwards to present day Latin alphabets.  Including the invention of different handwriting tools along the way from reed pens to quills and steel dip pens to modern fountain pens and mapping the course of different writing media from papyrus to paper and of course writing inks from historic oak gall concoctions to the convenience of a modern day ink cartridge. 

Are you a papyrophiliac?...in other words a lover of all things stationery, even a stationery addict!  then this will be a fantastic opportunity to attend a talk taken by Andrew through the ages of handwriting.  Andrew, himself a keen aficionado of the stationery industry over the last 40 years, has developed a keen passion for the history of writing, undertaking many talks along the way, so much so due to popular demand is now running a series of workshops where you can enjoy an hour and a half listening in a relaxed, stress free environment, soaking in some of the wonders of writing through ages.

Talk starts at 2:30pm and finishes 4:00pm.  Arriving at 2:15pm allowing time to settle in.  Refreshments available, including soft and alcoholic drinks.

Venue:  The Vault Arts, 22-24 Hallgate, Hexham, NE46 1XD.  (Ben Haslam Gallery, downstairs)

A History of Writing - The Vault

Minimum age: +12 years




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