Blackwing Palomino Graphite Pencils


Renowned for delivering their promise 'half the pressure, twice the speed'. Blackwing is available in two models, namely, 602 (Firm) and Pearl (Balanced).  Both feature smooth Japanese Graphite; genuine California Incense-cedar wooden casings and unique replaceable eraser. 

  • Blackwing 602 - Firm Graphite
  • Blackwing Pearl - Balanced Graphite
  • Iconic ferrule design with replaceable eraser
  • Cedar casing that sharpens evenly and easily
  • Specially formulated graphite that writes smoothly
  • Packed in boxes of 12

About Blackwing

More than just an ordinary pencil, Blackwing is an iconic brand, favoured by award-winning creators throughout the 20th Century. Despite a cult following they fell victim to cost cutting measures in the 1990's and were discontinued.  That didn't stop devotees from paying as much as $40 per pencil to seize unused stock.  In 2010, Blackwing 602 was launched and drew on nearly a century of experience in the pencil industry to access the best materials in the world and bring Blackwing back for a new generation of artists, architects, writers, musicians, and many others seeking a more natural existence - the most notable, old and new, being John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein and Frank Lloyd Wright.


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