Conqueror 100 GSM Notepaper


Conqueror fine 100gsm paper available in wove or laid formats, both of which are superb for hand written letters. The subtle finely ridged laid texture makes this paper a distinctive choice and lends an air of authority to any communication. Suitable for use in both colour and mono laser and inkjet printers. Size A4-100gsm.

For the very highest quality paper that is perfect for all different types of correspondence, the Conqueror A4 Paper is the perfect product. Featuring either a super smooth wove or subtle, finely ridged laid, this is the perfect solution for ensuring that your communication is impressive. Further to the quality, this paper is designed to reduce the amount of ink that blots or bleeds, meaning that it is easy to get precise and clear results. This means that all of your documents will be sharp and easily legible.

  • Packed in 50 sheets
  • A4 100gsm
  • Available in wove (smooth) or laid (textured) paper
  • Colours include: Diamond White; Brilliant White; High White; Cream and Vellum
  • Matching envelopes are also available see Conqueror DL Envelopes.

About Conqueror

Conqueror is a manufacturer of distinctive, high-quality watermarked paper in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in the late 1880s by E.P. Barlow, director of the London based stationer Wiggins Teape.

Barlow's idea was to provide a high-quality watermarked paper for the masses. It was intended to look like handmade paper, but to cost far less. Barlow commissioned manufacturing of the paper, but found that there were no paper mills willing to make the specified quality of paper for the low price he required. Eventually, Henry Hobday, owner of the Dover-based Buckland paper mill struggling to recover from a disastrous fire, accepted the commission, and the first Conqueror paper rolled off the presses in 1888. Two years later, Wiggins Teape bought the mill.  Conqueror paper was fortunate to come to market at a time when there was a large unmet demand for a paper that appeared to be handmade. Conqueror has maintained a high quality standard, which results in the brand being requested by name in shops, and the name becoming a byword for quality.

In 1990, Wiggins Teape merged with French-based Arjomari and US-based Appleton Papers, forming Arjo Wiggins. The Conqueror brand was maintained as a trademark for high-quality paper and envelopes.

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