Fisher Space Pen Refill

Pressurised Ink Cartridge that fits Fisher Space pens. An inclusive Parker style adaptor grants this refill to replace any standard ballpoint pen refill. The 'write-out' for this cartridge is approximately 15,000 feet depending on writing style, 3 ½ times longer than a typical ball point cartridge.  The Fisher Space refill is also supplied with plastic extender, to enable fitment to other pens.

  • An estimated 100 years shelf life
  • Able to perform upside down, underwater, over grease, within a vacuum and in temperatures of - 20°C up to 200° and in outer space!
  • Dimensions: 89 mm

Available in thicknesses of fine (0.9 mm) and medium (1.1 mm) in colours of black and blue. 

NB: This refill does not fit the Fisher Multi-Action Space Pen. Images for refill of black fine variant, for reference only.


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