James Sinclair Desk Blotter

  • James Sinclair handmade 'Military style' desk blotters finished in 4 designs of Northumbrian 100% wool tweed, available in four different designs. With a rigid, 8mm hardboard centre and finished with decorated edges; these desk blotters' practicality is coupled with touch of class to any desk or sideboard. Blotting paper can easily be renewed when required. Blotting paper provided - replacements available to order.

    Northumberland Tweed

    1. Alnwick: Green and fawn with a splash of red and violet.
    2. Bamburgh: Purples, violets and hues of pale green.
    3. Langley: Dark reds and browns mixed with light green.
    4. Norham: Rich hues of reds and oranges with a touch of dark blue.

    NB: Due to tweed pattern match each item is unique and may vary from product image.

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