Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen

One of the smallest fountain pens (for standard ink cartridges) available, the Liliput was originally introduced in 1910, and then re-released in 2011. Using the original Kaweco design, this powerful, uncomplicated piece remains near enough the same as its aged ancestors. The series offers a wide range of attractive material options, the 'Fireblue' being the one to stand out the most due to its remarkable 'bluing process' in which the steel is literally heated with a blow torch to create this unique effect, making each pen bespoke. The black and silver finished variants are constructed from solid aluminium whilst the copper, brass and stainless steel are machined from solid material. These pens look at home anywhere, including in the office or out in the field and have undergone vigorous testing conditions and usage.
  • Wide range of distinguished, high quality material options
  • Sturdy twist-action cap to barrel fixture
  • Pocket size when capped (9.7 cm), full size when posted (12.6 cm)
  • Steel nib for standard ink cartridges
  • Supplied with medium sized nib 
  • Supplied with 1 x ink cartridge
  • Vintage styled tin gift box.

Available in black, silver, brass, copper, stainless steel and 'fireblue'.

NB: Other nib sizes including fine and broad available on request.

Stainless Steel

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