Lamy Accent Fountain Pen (with grey plywood grip section)

  • Aluminium coloured barrel and cap with grey plywood interchangeable grip section
  • Polished steel nib section and clip, complete with polished steel nib
  • Supplied with medium sized nib (other sizes available; F, M, B, EF, LH, A)
  • Supplied with 1 x cartridge (T10) and 1 x piston converter (Z27)
  • Additional cartridges are available. See link - cartridges T10
  • Grip section are interchangeable - others can be purchased separately. Shop only. 
  • Lamy accessories soft leather twin pen pouch (as shown) - not included.
  •  Additional grip sections available - RRP £10.50 - see Lamy Accent Grip Sections

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