LAMY Z 28 Converter

A piston operated converter which allows the use of bottled ink replacing the LAMY T 10 giant ink cartridge used in LAMY fountain pens.

  • Replaces the LAMY T 10 giant ink cartridge
  • Compatible with the following; LAMY abc, LAMY AL-star, LAMY joy, LAMY nexx, LAMY nexx M, LAMY safari and LAMY vista fountain pens

NB: This is an updated converter that replaces the LAMY Z 24 converter and is compatible with all fountain pens that used this now discontinued converter.

About LAMY

LAMY is an independent family business founded in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The brand has been in existence since 1952 and demonstrated its powers of innovation in the very first year with its completely new LAMY 27 range of fountain pens. In 1966, the unmistakable design language of LAMY was launched with the LAMY 2000. LAMY today is not only the market leader in Germany but also one of the German designer brands whose products have achieved special status worldwide.

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