LEUCHTTURM1917 PEKA Springback Binder

A Leuchtturm1917 Springback Peka binder shares the same appearance and quality as a LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook but with a flexible binding. Documents can be easily and firmly filed without any punched holes.  Holds up to 150 x A4 80gsm paper.  Also folders are slightly over sized (A4+) to protect content edges from scuffing.

  • Capacity: approx. 150 A4 sheets
  • Hardcover, flat opening binder
  • Set of stickers for labelling and archiving
  • No hole punching required
  • Dimensions: h305 x  w220 x 25 mm
  • Available in Black, Anthracite, Red, Navy, Port Red and Pacific Green.


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