Paperblanks Safavid Binding Art - Address Book

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Symmetry and refinement of line are the hallmarks of these exquisite, printed leather creations, taking inspiration from ranging styles over many centuries from the simply tooled geometric patterns of the 14th century to the complex compositions of the 16th century. Associated with the Islamic Golden Age, the Persian Safavid styles centralise around designs of medallions, quadrants, plant and animal motifs which retain an elegant, modern trend. With uniquely shaped 'thumb cut' pages angled to make turning the page easy and entertaining, the Safavid Binding Art Address Book is convenient, glamorous and bold, making it difficult to misplace or lose.

  • 144 plain pages
  • Memento pouch
  • Magnetic wrap closure
  • Smyth sewn binding
  • Dimensions: 230 x 180 mm

About Paperblanks
Paperblanks are beautiful writing journals that celebrate human artistry and craft across a variety of cultural inspirations. From French textile design to Persian Safavid binding art, from Japanese Lacquer box patterns to the traditional embroidery from India’s Gujurat region; each Paperblanks design honours the beauty of artistic creation. Our notebooks are a connection to the richness discovered within centuries of world art and culture.

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