Pelikan Classic M200 Green-Marbled Fountain Pen

One of the bestsellers at Pelikan and inspired by the Classic Black-Silver fountain pen, the writing instruments with the green-marbled characteristic are known all over the world. The barrel and cap are made of high-quality resin, the cap in black beautifully highlighting the distinctive green-marble colour. The anthracite ink viewing window is a classical feature just like the 24 carat gold-plated, decorative rings. The cap with the characteristic Pelikan beak clip, the Pelikan logo crowning the top of the cap, and the typical classical shape all harmonise together and give this writing instrument the distinctive Pelikan design. A classic yet unique spin on the Classic Black-Silver fountain pen, this ostentatious alternative depicts a more valuable, high-profile product.

  • Rich, black resin cap and grip section
  • Marbled barrel with black green colour combination
  • Tinted anthracite ink level aperture
  • Stainless steel, gold plated nib
  • 24 ct. gold plated appointments including centre ring, clip and end cap
  • Integral piston filling system
  • Supplied with medium sized nib
  • Gift boxed - type G5

NB: Other nib sizes available on request

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