Pelikan Classic M205 Black-Silver Fountain Pen

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The  Pelikan M205 'Classic Series' stands for traditional writing at its best. Pelikan is well-known all over the world due to the 'pelican bill' shaped clip, perfectly shaped, traditional and attractive. Using a combination of high-quality resin in shiny black, a chrome plated clip and decorative rings, the fountain pen Pelikan Classic M205 unites period design with modern elements. Additionally, it has a integral piston filling system with a tinted viewing window, to show ink level.

  • Rich, black resin cap, barrel and grip section
  • Tinted anthracite ink level aperture
  • Polished stainless steel nib
  • Chrome plated appointments including centre ring, clip and end cap
  • Integral piston filling system
  • Supplied with medium sized nib
  • Gift boxed - Type G5

NB: Other nib sizes available on request: Fine and Broad.

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