Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink - 50ml

Smoky Quartz

The Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection for fountain pens comprises of twelve beautiful colours including the 'Ink of the year 2017' Smoky Quartz, each in a 50ml bottle with a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen. The rich weight and soft curves make each high-value flacon a pleasure to hold in your hands. It‘s an ornament on every desk, eye candy in every detail and makes a perfect gift for yourself and those you love. The German word Edelstein translates as gem stone, and each colour corresponds to the beautiful colouring of a gem. Aquamarine 'Ink of the Year 2016'.

  • Water-based ink
  • Rich, full colours
  • Heavy, glass flacon
  • Special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for fountain pens

Available in onyx (black), tanzanite (blue-black), sapphire (blue), topaz (turquoise-blue), jade (light green), aventurine (green), mandarin (orange), ruby (red).

Also available in Special Edition Aquamarine 'Ink of the Year 2016' and Smoky Quartz 'Ink of the Year 2017'.

Please contact for availability of other colours.

      About Pelikan
      Pelikan AG company owns the brands "Pelikan", "herlitz", "Susy Card" and "Geha". The attractive and diverse range of products includes more than 12,000 articles - from pencil sharpeners to napkins to school bags to high-quality writing instruments. A range of the highest quality standards has grown constantly over 125 years of German trademark tradition. They're a brand always seeking to reach new challenges and setting new innovative standards time and time again. That is what Pelikan enthusiasts around the globe appreciate. Pelikan focus on the writer and offer products that inspire creativity and imagination.

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