Pen Wrap

'Raw cut' and handmade from genuine hide leather, the Pen Wrap by Penfax, is available in two sizes, 4PEN or 8PEN, each Pen Wrap is handmade in Hexham, Northumberland.  The Pen Wrap will hold up to 4/8 average sized writing instruments, protecting each pen in its own individual pocket.  Due to varying colours and natural patina of the leather each item is unique.

Features include:

  1. Colour - Dark Brown - please note due to natural tanning process colour may vary from image shown
  2. Full grain vegetal tanned leather sleeve with matching lace

NB: As leather is a natural product the colour and patina may vary between each product.

Pen Wrap by Penfax

The Pen Wrap is part of an exclusive range of unique products designed and developed by Penfax. These products are only available via the Hexham shop or Penfax website. Originally the concept was to focus on stationery items, however a broader range is being designed which will include small personal attire and household. The motto and the pine cone symbol stand for: 'functional design and longevity'.


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