STABILO Carbothello Chalk Pastel Colouring Pencils

STABILO CarbOthello is a chalk pastel coloured pencil range available in up to 60 colours. With its wonderfully dry and dusty stroke it is just like a chalk pastel in pencil format. It's very popular with artists, art students and people with creative hobbies. Its high pigmentation guarantees great luminosity and opacity as well as colour fastness and colour brilliance especially on dark backgrounds and delicate papers. What's more it can be sharpened to a very fine tip which make it ideal for detail. Colours can be dry mixed and blended which makes colouring more fun and special.

  • The excellent quality chalk-pastel colouring pencils come in up to 60 different shades.
  • Colours can be mixed and blended.
  • Its lead diameter of 0.4mm and its wonderfully dry and dusty stroke is ideal for drawing, just like charcoal.
  • The colours are partially aquarellable which means the contours remain visible.
  • The wooden shaft protects the lead from breaking

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