Stabilo Pen68 Fibre Tip Colouring Pens


  • The premium felt tip pen for strong lines and large areas in up to 50 bright colours.
  • The STABILO Pen 68 is well known for its even ink application.
  • Its robust medium tip has a line width of 1 mm.
  • You can leave the cap off for 24 hours and the pen won't dry out.
  • The premium fibre pen with water-based and washable ink.
  • Rollwrap includes 5 'neon' colouring pens

STABILO Pen 68 is the right pen for all creative colouring experts in school, university or at work or play. They are available in over 47 bright colours and fit perfectly in your pencil case. With its 1 mm felt tip the STABILO Pen 68 is excellent for mind mapping and colouring. Its special formula ink will not smudge or dry out due to its long cap-off time of 24 hours. The STABILO Pen 68 and its excellent colours make it more than just a pen - it’s a favourite!

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