Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Desktop Pencil Sharpener

by Andrew Graham January 14, 2017

Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Desktop Pencil Sharpener

'As sharp as a pencil'...

Every so often a product comes along that is truly outstanding in some form or another; could be design, build, idea or just aesthetics, we feel the Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Desktop Pencil Sharpener is one such product.  You know how we love great brands and design and build quality well this has it all.

The humble pencil sharpener is seeing something of a revival with many types appearing on the market and all are good with crank style operation; variable width adjustment; body design, electrified and so forth but none do it as well, we think, as the Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Desktop Pencil Sharpener.

Its actually not a new design, as this design was originally launched in 1933 and then reproduced, again in 1980, its been around a few years, but good design should last and this product will surely do that.  Made with cast metal body, painted Caran d'Ache red, full metal crank and mechanism, metal sprung loaded system this is a work of art itself, even before doing the job its designed to do.  Crank sharpeners are the best, as they have many small cutting edges as opposed to just one or two blades - so no pencil shavings, more of a pencil dust!  As with some other pencil sharpeners the Caran d'Ache Limited Edition will sharpener pencils from 8 - 11 mm diameters with ease.  For additional convenience, the sharpener is supplied with a desk clamp which securely fastens the unit to the desk for ease of use.

The Caran d'Ache  Limited Edition model (as shown) is supplied in bespoke metal tin which features images of the Matterhorn mountain range, which will look equally smart adorning desks or stationery shelf.

This is a Limited Edition so supply is capped at 4478 units (height of the Matterhorn) Art. No 455.070 RRP £169.00      

Andrew Graham
Andrew Graham


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