Drehgriffel: A distinctive writing instrument - Not just a pen!

November 21, 2020

Drehgriffel: A distinctive writing instrument - Not just a pen!

LEUCHTTUMRM1917 has long been committed to providing high-quality paper products. But there was also an increasing urge to find a special writing instrument. After all, we need both, in order to put our thoughts on paper.

Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) is a word made up of two components – Dreh, meaning to twist or turn, which stems from the innovative turning mechanism, and Griffel, based on the oldest writing utensil in the world (from the Greek grapheion). They reflect this deeply rooted traditional company. Consequently, it is no coincidence that the Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) and the company were both set up back in the 1920s.

This writing instrument was intended to be something truly special – the perfect combination of an iconic design and a distinctive writing experience. And the Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) was the result. The deliberate use of old German script of the word mark is playfully juxtaposed with the contrasting modern design. It is basically new – and yet a classic.

Iconic and playful: the Drehgriffel design

The compound noun Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) appears on the hexagonal barrel. This word is derived from Sütterlin script, a handwriting script taught in German schools in the 1920s. The pen is distinctive in that it has a tapered tip which is in the same contrasting colour as the twist button.

The range of colours is just as iconic as it is playful: available in nine different colours (white, lemon, powder, Bellini pink, red, sage, Nordic blue, denim and black), this new writing instrument is an ideal accessory for every notebook.

The Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) Nr. 1 is a pen made of precision-milled aluminium and brass, which is then finished and sealed. It works on a spring-loaded turning mechanism. The refill can be replaced very easily by simply unscrewing the twist button. The royal blue ink chamber (B), which has a particularly light and fluid writing quality, is also available as a replacement refill in royal blue and black. Each pack comes with instructions on how to replace the refill.

Not just a pen – it is a design object

"The pen in a bold retro-looking design is a true feast for the eyes and an aesthetic sight on your desk." This quote stems from the Red Dot 2020 jury, which honoured the Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]) with the design award of the same name, and confirmed their view of this product as not only a useful object but primarily as a design object. In line with the slogan: this is not just a pen ...

But what does this actually mean? The world has an abundance of pens. The term “pen” makes the object ordinary. It deprives the writing instrument of its autonomy because it equates it and reduces it to the characteristic of writing. Consequently, we are not talking about a pen here, we are talking Drehgriffel (Dreh [dre:] Griffel ['ɡrɪfl̩]): it is a design object which not only delights the beholder by its beauty and design language but also by the fact that it is easy to write with. Click here to see range.

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