Laszlo Jose Biro's Birthday

by Dan Smith November 23, 2016

Laszlo Jose Biro's Birthday

Laszlo Biro born 29th September 1899

1941 - Laszlo Biro is the man best known for inventing the ballpen although others did try, so much so 350 patents were registered in the USA alone.  Laszlo was originally from Hungary and whilst working in Argentina as a print salesmen he invented the ballpen, as we know it today, hence the name Biro.
With help from his brother Georg, a chemist, and financial backing from Andor Goy the company was formed.  After initial teething problems were over come, they won a huge order for 30,000 units from the British Royal Air Force.

Initially the ballpen was more expensive to buy than the fountain pen about £33 but this all changed when Biro sold his patent to Marcel Bich in 1945.
Bich’s vision was to produce a high quality ballpen for under 19 cents or 14p (new money!). The unique ingredients were tungsten carbide ball; brass for the tip; hard plastic barrel and ink that dries quickly so doesn’t smudge, nor clog, nor dries in the tube!

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Dan Smith
Dan Smith


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