Pelikan Hub 2016

by Dan Smith November 23, 2016

Pelikan Hub 2016

Welcome to the Pelikan Hubs 2016!
Get inspired by the fascination of fine writing instruments and enjoy meeting other Pelikan Fans!

It is amazing to see that passion for Pelikan fountain pens creates a bond between Pelikan fans all over the world.

That´s why we´d like to offer this meeting platform again, to meet new friends that share the same passion for fountain pens, Pelikan, of course. The Pelikan fans are spread all over the world and live in many different countries. When the first pen enthusiasts met in 2014 for the first time, it was a real initial event. But it was so well received by all participants , that we were sure to do it again!

For all of you, who haven´t participated in the event before: the meaning of the word HUB is the center core, a place from which all Pelikan fans from all over the world can connect and form one big community. On 16th September 2016, at 6:30 p.m. we invite all our fans to meet for Pelikan Hubs in different cities/towns and countries all over the world.

There will be one Hub master for every Hub meeting who will be the contact person.

The registration for the Hub participants ends on 30th July 2016, but we kindly recommend to register as early as possible to make sure that your favorite city has enough registered participants.  Limited to maximum 15 participants - so allocated first come first served basis. Venue: Penfax, 14 Market Street, Hexham, Northumberland. NE46 3NU. Tel:01434 600703

Dan Smith
Dan Smith


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