Prodir have been passionate about making pens for over thirty years. Better know the world over for their promotional pens, this new range of pens is their first venture into the retail sector and Penfax are delighted to be the first U.K retailer to sell me, myself and I. Designed and made in Switzerland.

For Prodir, it was extremely important that people from all walks of life be able to find a part of themselves in the pens, which is why each writing instrument is different. Colour, material mix and surfaces give every single one a particular mood from Oceanic feelings to Breaking the Grey and through to Anything but boring. That's why they've named them Mood writing instruments because not only writing, but also the writing instrument is an unmistakable expression of one's personality and the mood that influences the person who is writing.

The launch of the new collection took place during the Milan Design Week 2017.

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