Fabriano Bouquet - Set of 7 notebooks

The Bouquet consists of a selection of seven notebooks each containing a different Fabriano paper. Included are vellum, parchment, embossed, laid, ecological, natural and felt marked papers. For ease of selection each notebook has a different coloured cover. The size of each notebook is 10 x 15cm and all books contain 40 sheets. The seven senses of paper according to Fabriano"

Seven notebooks in seven different types of paper, wrapped together with paper band.

  • Red - Vellutata (velvet) - Splendorgel 100gsm
  • Orange - Pergamenata (parchment) - Pergamenata Bianca 90gsm
  • Yellow - Goffrata (embossed) - Constellation Snow Arpa 90gsm
  • Pale Green - Vergata (laid) - Grifo Vergata Avorio 85gsm
  • Dark Green - Ecologica (recycled) - Woodstock Betulla 80gsm
  • Light Blue - Naturale - Palatina 85gsm
  • Dark Blue - Marcata (felt marked) - Rusticus Bianca 95 gsm 

10 x 14cm (approx 4 x 5.5") notebooks each with 40 blank sheets. Bound together with a paper band.  A beautiful gift for an artist, writer or an unusual set of notebooks to play with.  Notebooks wrapped together in paper band and shrink wrapped in clear polythene.

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